it’s not so much the big things, it’s the multitude of little things that disturbs me, the things I’ll miss when I’m not here, the things that make me uniquely me if you like .. ..


It’s the lazy days with people I love, sunlight on my shoulders, sunlight on the back of my neck, being rugged up with a cold face but warm body in the depths of a winter, a summers cooling breeze, the sound of the ocean

the smell of a fresh cut lawn, a stale pub, rain, or a loved one.

the feel of clean sheets, of a hot shower after a hard days work, the feel of the first little spoon of chocolate mousse on my tongue, or a sharp cheese, the pull of a fish on the end of a line, the feeling of being shoved over by a wave.

the sound of a cork leaving a bottle and the inevitable glug glug sound of a first pour. The cry of a loved one, the creases folds and crevices of a body, the awe of technology and science.

the smell of a 2 stroke engine has always meant fishing, or motorbikes, or cutting the lawn in spring .. the smell of a diesel has always been fishing on a charter, or shooting rabbits, or being around dad on the farm.

the smell of soil has always reminded me of mum in the garden, of picking mushrooms on a sunny, cold damp morning, the smell of age has always reminded me of nonna, nan, kath and laurie, the smell of stale wine still reminds me of nonno ..

the tastes of a million different dishes, all of which I’ve enjoyed, except that dodgy proscuttio that time ..

the songs that remind me of amazing nights yelling out of tune at the top of my lungs playing singstar with mazza, of songs that remind me of dark days, carefree days and the wonderful blissful ignorance of youth

the immensity of space, the power of nature, the enjoyable terror of a thunderstorm, the sting of sand blown along a beach, the continual roar of the southern ocean or west coast surf, relentless in it’s energy, watching a seagul land on a windy beach.

I don’t understand people, I don’t suppose you ever can, but especially the obsession people have with every single dollar, worse are those that have more than they need already, it seriously astounds and bewilders me how fucked up people can be over money. Holding my tongue and saying so very much more in my head on a daily basis ..

The drudgery of work, but the extra you still put in, any commitment can be a drag, but having to work to make a wage, is more of a drag than most, I wonder, if people born to privilege, or handed privilege during their lives, appreciate the ease they have, I suspect in most instances not. And further to that is the luck involved in some of these arrogant pricks lives that they have no appreciation for either. There’s nothing wrong with being wealthy, and nothing wrong with being lucky, there should in my opinion just be a lot more genuine appreciation, especially when there are so many with so very little around us.

My dreams and aspirations for my beautiful wife, my beautiful daughters, my family and mates, the hope that they all find happiness, they all experience much love and little pain, that they can be humble, and caring, thoughtful and giving, saddened but never too sad, loving and loved, the simplest pleasures, and yet, I find myself moving away from them and need to consciously readjust to keep closer to what I wish for others, for myself 🙂

The sound of rain on a tin roof, the purrrrr of a content kitten, the noise of birds in the morning.

there’s a lot more obviously, but these are some of the things, that flooded onto this page, that are uniquely me, that only I know what I think they are, the things that won’t exist when I don’t .. the things that make us all uniquely us ..