It was while he was tinkering with the plumbing under the floorboards in the kitchen that it came to him, only an inch away from those above ground.

He’d spent the last 20 years of his life working for others, being told what to do, working for a number of very average bosses in a number of very average positions, never really feeling like he was fulfilling any of his own expectations. For the couple of weeks he had off over the hot christmas break he was driven to tinker. He’d repaired everythin in the house that wasn’t working, been to the neighbours to help out by fixing a couple of items over there. Nothing too exciting mind you , a vacuum cleaner, a clock, a coffee machine .. you get the idea, but for him each repair was a momentous occassion, he’d never been very good with his hands, never really been very co ordinated, not really built much as a legacy, certainly had no musical or artistic talents, he was just what he was and nothing more, but he began to realise that things had changed following the meeting with the gypsy.

e felt driven to mend and tinker, tinker and mend.