Just so we are clear .. We are all living on a rock that may or may not split itself apart at some stage spewing vast amounts of molten rock onto the surface, let’s say that doesn’t happen, We still have enough nuclear weaponry to decimate, if not fully destroy the earth still, let’s say we don’t, we have pumped crap into our atmosphere that is impacting on the earth’s temperature, melting ice caps and flooding inland regions for many kilometres, let’s say that doesn’t happen, we have a population growing faster than we can feasibly house, feed and clothe them, let’s assume that stops, then we have massive unemployment on a global scale as we stop growing food, building houses and making clothes, let’s say we work that out, we are currently hurtling around a black hole at phenomenal speeds, none of which we can fully understand and appreciate, but we know that historically we are but the merest of a millisecond of a snapshot in time, we are also hurtling around our sun, delicately poised in amongst other planets doing the same, The sun is interesting, in a about 5 billion years it will explode and engulf our planet, but not to worry, it takes about 225 million years to do one rotation of our milky way galaxy ( a galactic year ), and we are travelling at about 800,000 kph through space to achieve that .. and in only 22 galactic years we will start mixing it up, and colliding with the Andromeda galaxy, goodness only knows what that means ..

Still I‘m sure the colour of the paint on the walls, the inane ramblings of someone on TV, the coffee stain on the rug, the happiness of those you love, the dinner on tonights table, the night cream to reduce wrinkles, the deodourant to cover our own scent, along with working for the weekends, are all the most important things in your life, I know they are in mine .. 🙂