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I’m gonna rant sorry in advance.

Recently I read about someone that felt a customer was racist for asking questions about where they came from.

To be fair it sounded like a customer with no idea of social boundaries, but all the same, it got me to thinking about the word racist. I ‘m probably many things without realising it.. but ..

Ethnicity is interesting isn’t it ? I’m not suggesting anyone should be grilled on it, and I think attitudes can be offensive, if you don’t want to share that with someone so be it, but it is interesting isn’t it ?

/start rant/

I don’t categorise people by where they are from or what colour they are, or for that matter who they choose to fuck, or if they do or don’t think of themselves as male or female, but I like to try to gain an understanding of other cultures, sub cultures and groups, primarily so I can taste or steal their recipes .. so although I’d accept being told Australian, I am always interested. Interested in peoples heritage, what it brings to our Aussie on this island culture, ( more specifically my table ) and always going to ask. Does that make me a racist ? A glutton maybe but not a racist by any stretch. And I find it an offensive label for someone. I’m only first gen Aussie, and don’t hesitate to talk of our families mixed heritage.

I have recipes from, and have tasted foods from all over the globe between my house and my work where I walk each day .. If I see someone in their front yard, and smell good food .. I’m asking questions and find it has always been a way to communicate. From confused looking newer Aussies that don’t speak the language yet, through to old Nonnas that never really learnt the lingo. Often awkward, sometimes confronting, always an interaction, generally interesting.. it’s called communicating. If this is a foreign concept to you ( see what I did there ), try it with someone elderly, honestly, they are masters of spoken communication. Like hairdressers, but with more life experience.

My point is, if I have one, you can’t just jump to the term racist when someone is interested. You shouldn’t jump to racist when someone uses a terminology, or groups people together. Racism IMHO is a series of behaviours, an intention and a lack of understanding, not a mis spoken word, not just ignorance ( there’s a word for that .. oh yeah ignorance ) or a curiosity.

It’s getting fucking harder to talk to your neighbours these days because we worry about being racist, if they are LGBTQIA+ or not ( Who gives a flying fuck ? ( probs not the A’s ) but no one cares, or should care if I’m hetro ) or if you say the wrong thing, or are construed as being odd, or a myriad of other things .. No wonder there is tension in the world. People fear the unknown, and if we aren’t communicating how can we know .

There’s so much wrong with the world, and a lot of it stems from political fucking correctness and it’s subsequent destruction of simple communication between humans.

Every one is scared. Scared of doing the wrong thing, scared of saying the wrong thing. Call out racism, call out body shaming & abusive behaviours. Have some faith in human interaction. Ignore the news, awkward is good, embrace being lost for the right words, think and speak. We all generally shit with our pants down. ( And look TBH, without good excuse, I will probably judge you if you don’t pull your pants down 🙂 )

Call out inappropriate behaviours, and all the other crappy things that people do, but don’t stifle interest in other people you meet, people around you, and people you don’t know yet.

/End Rant/


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