There was little time to waste, the company had been delightful, the meal lavish and the wine had been spectacular. This was going to be a great night. Morris had spent the night fencing and parrying with the beautiful Jennifer over the dinner table, jibes, laughs, and eventually a sly wink. She was the heiress to a european count, or baron or some such, he hadn’t really paid attention to the early conversation detail, at that stage she was just one of a number of beautiful potential candidates around a table. Irrespective of her current situation, she was particularly wealthy, the kind of wealth that people accumulate over generations of success, you could see it in the way she carried herself, you could hear it in her voice, genetic wealth.

The cruise was a great idea he had thought, what better place to feast, than upon the high seas, on a cruise specifically designed for degustation with chef’s from around the world, no restrictions, no one to control him, and tell him what he should and shouldn’t eat, he’d be careful of course, not out of control, but it was getting late, and he was becoming tired and lethargic. Maybe he should have delayed having private ‘drinks’ with Jennifer tonight, until tomorrow, maybe not, and he couldn’t change that now, a gentleman such as himself wouldn’t dream of disappointing a lady.

Jennifer had found her target instantly. Listened intently to his long winded, soapbox speeches on the state of the economy, the current government, the praise of the wine, the succulence of the steak. She played him beautifully she’d thought, slight disdain at meeting him, slowly growing interest, making sure he saw her watching him intently, and sealing it toward the end of the night with a wink, and now they were going to meet for drinks, she knew that would mean that tonight he’d be hers. They are pathetic and easy targets she mused whilst changing into her sexiest of outfits, often she’d target another woman, she always found that far more challenging, particularly the rich, uptight ones, that was something extra pleasurable, always enjoying the chase more than the indulgence, but for easy fulfillment, a man was always going to happen.

As Morris strolled along the side of the ship toward his room, smoking a cigar that would equate to many weeks wages for the cuban worker that rolled it, he noticed the distant glimmer of light signalling the rise of the moon over the ocean, a majestic sight, that he planned to treat Jennifer to, so he increased his stride and flicked the smouldering stub over the edge of the railing. His state room had a superlative view of the ocean, sitting over the top of the Bridge, with views over 180 degrees, it was the best suite currently on the ocean, and it would be a shame to waste it.

Jennifer too noticed the first rays of moonlight, breaking from over the horizon, casting a delightful almost imperceptible glow of light at the edge of her vision, masked slightly by the glowing lights of the ship. As if signalling the dawn of the night, the moon was truly a spectacular sight out here in the middle of the ocean, unimpeded by mountains, buildings and other obstructions, she looked forward to watching it climb it’s way into the night sky, to be washed away by the new mornings sunlight.

The initial small talk wasn’t awkward at all, the two were adept at instantly making themselves at home in a conversation, and just as comfortable at settling into a luxury suite, the compliments directed toward Jennifer we expected, delivered and accepted, the suite was suitably remarked upon, and the two settled into the enormous chesterfield that looked directly out toward the bow of the huge cruise liner, just to the left of which, the moon continued it’s dramatic crawl upward and onward, slightly changing colour as it grew from behind the horizon. The couple enjoyed the extortionately priced scotch, each others caress and touch, and how comfortable they were with themselves as much as each other. With passions and desires rising, they expertly relieving each other of most of the clothing between them, bathed in the moons rays, lighting the room with an ambiance often imitated, but never replicated. The now almost empty bottle of 60 year old Macallan, knocked to the floor, gave them pause.

‘Jennifer I find you to be a most intriguing soul, I have a gift you know’ Morris stated as he collected the bottle from the floor and motioned for Jennifer to follow him across the expansive room to the bed, ‘really?’ she replied, ‘ I too have a gift, but I’m curious to know of yours, before exposing mine’ she said as she slinked toward the large 4 poster, delicately illuminated from head to toe by the rays of our reflected sun. ‘In due course’ he replied.

The moon was now putting on a prominent display through the collossal windows that fronted the suite. The suite, all but the bed, now had the interplay of light and shadow upon it, the angle was still such that the shadows grew and extended across the floor and hid behind the objects in the room, casting unusual shapes, and strange reflections. Jennifer reached the bed, and in one fluid movement straddled Morris, extracting a low gutteral moan from him. Strangely this had the opposite effect that one would usually associate with this situation, Jennifer had heard that noise before, not in recent times, but somewhere deep in her synapses, she sensed a curious danger.

This was an unusual turn of events for Jennifer, and put her mentally on the back foot, she wasn’t quite as confident as she had been, she strained her memory to try and work out what was disturbing her. At such close quarters, Morris could smell something different about Jennifer, not fear exactly, something else, something similar to anxiety, but, her scent had been strangely masked all evening. This wouldn’t be the first unusual feasting in his long life, and wouldn’t be the last, but this was different, in a disturbing, and deliciously confusing way.

Jennifer was beginning to remember as she sat astride Morris, began to develop a picture in her mind, a story perhaps from times past, the memories of hundreds of generations filtering toward this moment, gaining clarity, developing like an old Polaroid picture, all the while she coo’d and stroked Morris’ chest, not rushing, biding her time, building his passion.

Of course all of this happened in less than the blink of an eye, Werewolves and Vampires both have such highly evolved mental capacity that neither of them suspected the other of having any doubts. Milliseconds later the realisation hit them both, but that millisecond was one too many, sheer reflex, electrical impulse and desire led them both to make their moves at the same time. As Jennifer lunged toward his neck, Morris began his leap into the full blaze of the moons rays and began to morph into muscular two legged werewolf, but Jennifer now an even more spectacular vision of the perfect female form was already transformed and working on instinct. She once again straddled Morris, although this time, it was as he stood and morphed, she clung to him from behind with her arms over his shoulders and driving her claws into his now buldging hairy chest flesh and sank her razor sharp fangs into his neck. Releasing a primeval growl, Morris slumped to the floor and began returning to his human form. Death came swiftly, too swiftly in fact for the transformation to complete, and as Jennifer washed her mouth and hands in the ensuite, the now lifeless half man half wolf form of Morris basked in moonlight for a final time.

From down on the bow of the ship, a young couple watched the show, the silhouette of man on woman or woman on man, the dance swiftly falling from view to the floor, to complete the perceived act. The following days of the cruise, Jennifer enquired on the whereabouts of Morris to as many people as she could, and was informed that he had taken ill and was recuperating in his room, undergoing an intensive re-hydration regime as is common aboard a ship, but that he was gravely ill and taking no visitors. When the ship finally docked in Puerto Rico, a limousine greeted the ship and a man in a wheelchair wearing a long cape and wrapped in swaddling left before everyone else.

‘Oh dear’ Jennifer thought as she watched her foe being whisked away .. ‘this is going to end badly ..’





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