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Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere! I plan to post some recipes and photos, and photo’s of recipes and maybe some of my ramblings here, for no one other than those who visit.

I’m a middle ( late middle ! ) aged bloke who likes lots of things, fishing, pinball, beer wine and spirits, entertaining, and technology, but I have always had a passion for food and I think probably grew up being a foodie before it was “a thing”, in a house with both British and Italian influence.

Our family was blessed with a string of great and creative family cooks, my Italian Nonna was .. well Italian, so freshest of simple ingredients, often grown in her garden, always in season, masterfully combined to make peasant dishes as I was growing up that we take for granted, and are only now are being appreciated on the myriad of cooking shows on offer.

Mum has always been adventurous with her cooking and her artistic flair for floristry, painting, and general creativity tranferred over from our earliest birthdays into some amazing cakes, and through a lifetime of gardening, following in Nonna’s footsteps, fresh organic produce, a lack of processed foods and a seasonal availability acceptance, to a generational food and produce appreciation.

My Nan was an English curry master, and her Yorkshire puddings, are entrenched in my memory and have never been surpassed, although my Irish mother inlaw came pretty close .. ( to be fair they were roughly the same age, and Kath spent a lifetime married to a pom ! )

Dad is a closet masterchef, he’s got a knack for combining and tweaking his old Italian recipes that just works, and like the rest of us, is proud of his peasant foodie roots.

My younger brother runs a catering and camp management company, as well as having spent time overseas in hotel kitchens, and my older brother is as capable in a kitchen as tending a barbeque. My younger sister was an epic foodie, and like the rest of us, enjoyed good quality food, prepared simply, combined well, with friends and family … and in voluminous quantity ! All of our kids I think appreciate the gathering of family and friends, and the joy of preparing a meal to share .. or a perfectly poached egg on toast, the food complexity doesn’t matter, the moment does.

Me, well, I cook almost every night at home, can usually turn out a reasonable dish with whatever we have on hand, ( so long as it’s cooking, not baking ), can’t bake anything other than bread well as I don’t like to strictly follow a recipe ( bread forgives, cakes don’t ), enjoy cuisine from across the globe, grow my own veggies where I can in suburban Adelaide, and steal veggies and beef from the folks organic farm on an almost weekly basis.

My wife and I are almost vegan .. except we enjoy meat .. make of that what you will !

Hopefully someone somewhere enjoys somepart of something I post 🙂