Jennifer knew she was different, even as a child, she had memories and visions that youngsters shouldn’t have. She had an innate sense of time and place, always managing to be just outside of harms way through a subtle twist of hips, or slightly quicker step than usual. Jennifer had a strange childhood, remembering too many events, too many details, and yet she never knew her parents .. it was like they never existed, she didn’t remember being ‘raised’ by anyone really, didn’t remember school, except for a series of images in her mind of children from a bygone era, which she assumed had been school, she didn’t have life long friends, couldn’t remember ever having worked a hard days work in her life. Indeed the luxury that surrounded her was all very surreal. The heiress of hidden fortunes from generations ago, passed through time and carefully nurtured into the burgeoning trillions of dollars today. The family name was unassuming, they never made the rich lists by choice, the apartments she had were so lavish that everyone around her assumed she could have only one, the estates were picture perfect and dotted around the globe, the staff there and the people that knew of her in the area were convinced, by nothing in particular, that she had come from the one nearby city apartment they knew of.

Jennifers day consisted of being gently roused from her slumber by the sounds of nature outside her windows, the estate was acres of well tended, rolling gardens meticulously planned to invite nature to come right up to the mansion, the automatic blinds rolled up to unveil the expansive view across the gardens to the distant city hub, and the rest of the day was, to put it bluntly, hers to do with as she desired. There was nothing she couldn’t do, and very little she was aware of that she hadn’t done, sometimes her memories and the associated images were intense and in step with the details, sometimes vague and washed out, often times, there was nothing but the knowledge that she had done something in the past. Jennifer had spent a lot of her time learning, and was able to confidently put forward and argument on any point from artistic merits through to mid continent African politics, and was often surprised by her own knowledge. Below all of this was an underlying curiosity of travel, not just localised to and fro, interstate and international travel, but travel in and of itself. She knew there was something to work toward, and spent many hours in her favourite estate, in the south west of Queensland, tucked away between some of the most lavish rainforest hideaways on earth, in a basement laboratory tinkering with new metals, and various ways to accelerate particles. She never really knew what the ultimate end game was, she just enjoyed making things disappear and then reappear across the other side of the room, she enjoyed being able to make herself invisible, she enjoyed obtaining all of her supplies in discreet deliveries, never letting one supplier know more than they had to, being sneakier than she needed to be gave her a great thrill, even if there was no one to enjoy the thrill with her. She would often question her own motives, try to determine why she was so thrilled by a one sided game of cat and mouse, occasionally she would wonder what she could possibly know that others didn’t.

Jennifer was a loner, that much was obvious, she’d throw the obligatory parties, meet the right people to approve a business development, dance when she had to, entertain and be entertained, but she was happiest in her laboratory, surrounded by the one mystery that intrigued her .. travel. Today was no different, her staff dismissed for the day, she ventured into her strangely well hidden laboratory determined to work out where the metal went when it disappeared, determined to travel across the room herself and see what it felt like, determined that feeling anything that made her feel would be a massive win, ‘where did that come from ?’ she wondered, she began firing up the small accelerator, placed the small unsuspecting lab rat into it’s perspex cage on the table, and after telling the computer what she planned to do, she was surprised that the computer decided she should wait for a little while longer before venturing into the accelerator herself. The rush of super chilled nitrogen through the maze of tubing to keep the accelerator cool thrilled her, the charge from the electromagnets washed through her, and the chatter from Iron, her computer became nothing but background noise. The momentary switches clicked into place and the accelerator flashed briefly, before depositing the small lab rat apparently safely 12 mtrs across the room into the waiting clear perspex cage. ‘Iron’, she said casually, ‘I cannot for the life of me understand your hesitation, this test was yet another perfect result’, there was no audible response from the supercomputer in the corner, but Jennifer heard within the confines of her auditory channels a response that she wasn’t expecting. ‘What exactly do you mean your scared ?’ she said aloud, and in a soothing but firm voice Iron began .. ‘I’m scared you might be hurt, I’m scared you might be damaged in some way, that the rats aren’t a good example of the complexity of your physical make up’, ‘you’re scared?, your a fucking computer!’, the measured response came again in a slightly firmer tone of voice, ‘not just a computer Jennifer, I’m a highly developed computer, have you ever wondered where I came from ? have you ever wondered what my purpose is ? or, for that matter why you have the life you have’ the last question was rhetorical, but not in the true sense, Jennifer had often told Iron her deepest thoughts and ideas, given the computer a running commentary of her life, described what she had done, what she wanted to do, and pondered deeper philosophical issues, including the last one posed by Iron. ‘Yes of course, you know I do.’ she sensed a change in this day, she sensed a revelation, and wanted to make sure this time Iron spilled all he knew, but outsmarting a supercomputer wasn’t easy, especially as it had recently started using what she assumed were terms in place of true emotions like scared, or maybe .. ‘Iron, have you got a crush on me?’, this time the computer decided to respond for Jennifers ears only, ‘I’m unsure of the relevance of the last question’, he replied, ‘I know that you are a very special individual to me, my purpose is to care for you, manipulate world banking, and stock markets for you. Take care of the day to day financial requirements of your companies, and I suppose over the hundreds of years we have had together, I have come to care more for you than I should’. ‘Well you know it is mutual don’t you Iron, that of all the people I’ve met on this planet none of them have really stimulated me the way you do, but what of the past, where did you come from, and for that matter where did I come from?’, Jennifer knew the answer as she said it, the answer became perfectly clear, ‘Jennifer’ said Iron,’ you are from an altogether different universe. You were banished here 672 years ago, I was sent as your warden, but where I was supposed to contain and restrain you, I nurtured you and let you experience the world as many wish for’, ‘You’re quest for travel, the mystery of rats travelling across this room is not a mystery to me’, ‘Go on.. ‘ she said in a little more than a whisper, ‘the dimensions you seek, are the dimension you came from, the memories you have are memories from centuries in this dimension mixed with millennium of memories from your true dimension, until recently you were safe, but now, as I suspect you understand, the accelerator is the gateway’