It was cold and blustery outside, you know, the frosty, biting cold that causes you to make silly noises, stamp your feet instinctively and hug yourself a little more than usual.. then he remembered where he was, the memories came flooding back into his consciousness, squeezing adrenaline out of every gland, and submitting the surrounding cold to nothing more than a distant memory, the bitch buried me in the snow, we were getting along so well, then, after just a couple of drinks he felt very average, and in the haze between awake and asleep, little snippets of conversations, images of being transported outside, through the leafless forest trees, blackness, somewhere where the river could be heard running over the frozen embankment, cold, blackness, hearing her cursing and hearing her kick him, blackness, cold … then the realisation, hands bound, heart thumping, the sound of digging in fresh snow, another dull thud as her boot hit his head, blackness, awakening just enough to feel the first shovels of snow hitting his bound hands, was he face down ?, blackness, and now, the dull roar of a storm, cold, black ..

It was cold and blustery outside, and hearing the wind howling through the leafless trees behind the cabin made it all the colder. The fire was out, nothing more than a few embers, she’d only just put more wood on the fire hadn’t she, or was that yesterday, couldn’t have been yesterday, she was in town yesterday where she met him, must have nodded off, the inability to focus on her thoughts and clearly remember her actions was becoming increasingly disturbing. She remembered finding the pills in his coat pocket, while looking for a lighter, the pills marked with a smile. The bastard was going to drug me she thought, not that he had to, but then what, why was she so tired, where the fuck was he .. ?

It was cold and blustery outside, the need to find something to eat was overwhelming, then get back to warmth and security, but food first, it’s been days. There it was that smell again, coming from the direction of the hut, but there was rarely people at the hut. The sweet smell of food, definitely getting stronger, causing all manner of changes within, forcing saliva into your mouth, increasing the desire, another sniff and it becomes more evident, but it’s not actually coming from the hut, it’s close but a direction change will get me to it, the hunger, the desire, the expectation, there, it’s there, it’s there, fuck where, where is it, so close. Dig, dig to find the food, it’s still warm, only just, but warm, and exposed in parts, what a feast, what a blessed creature I am, to be fed, the first mouthfuls are cold but the blood fills my nostrils with an unstoppable drive, it’s on, I’ll feed and head back to the den to see more days out.  The flesh is warmer here, the first digits gone, gnawing on the bones, ripping the flesh, spraying the blood, the blood courses out now, almost rhythmically ..

It was cold and blustery outside, but strangely warm in my icy tomb, resigned to my fate, my hands bounds, my mouth gagged, no feeling left in most of my body, no concept of time, fuck it, a strangely comfortable conclusion to my life, that’s not what I’d lived for, I wanted to go out with a scream, or at least a squirm, that bitch, blackness, noise, not a storm noise, a person maybe, her ? Come on bitch, what the fuck is that ? blackness… Pain, excruciating pain, muffled screams in to my gag, adrenaline pumping, arms free ? but the pain, the stinging pain, a dog yelp, a dog yelp ?, pain,  I can’t feel anything but a surging pain, I was better off in my icy tomb, but I can move a little now, I am face down, a powerful surge helps me break through most of the ice and snow, my arms are free, the pain courses up my arm and takes away my consciousness as I thump bloodied black frost bitten, fox bitten, fingers against my mouth gag, blackness..

It was cold and blustery outside, that wasn’t enough to live on, fuck it, I should have gone for a softer part, could have torn more, dug less, exposed less, eaten quicker, I knew it was too good to be true, too lucky a find, at least it was warm here in the den, at least it was enough to tide me over until tomorrow, and the taste that lingers on my paws and nuder my chin, the euphoric wave that surges through me as i wash and clean myself, removing the blood, reducing the lust ..

Meh, bored now ..